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Is Musical Con accessible for wheelchair users?
Is there an age limit?
How do I get tickets for my companion?
Are there flashing lights at Musical Con?
What is your covid policy?
Can I get a group booking discount?
What is your security policy?
How do I volunteer for Musical Con?
How do I let you know a great idea I have had for the convention?
When will the full programming schedule be announced?
If I can't make it can I get a refund?
What is your code of conduct?
Can you guarantee all special guests will attend?
What is your property and personal injury policy?
How do I request a press pass?
Is there a food and drink offering?
Which hotels are close to the venue?
Under 14's
How many people can queue or wait in line for a stage door photo experiences?
How much will Stage Door experiences cost?
Can my friends and family wait in line whilst I’m waiting for Stage Door Photo or Autograph Experience?
How many autographs am I allowed at the Stage Door Autograph Experience? 
Can I take selfies at the Stage Door Photo or Autograph Experience?
How many people does 1 ticket permit to a Stage Door Photo or Autograph Experience? 
What time should I arrive for my Stage Door Photo or Autograph Experience?
Is there a cloakroom?
What’s included in the Stage Door Photo Experience?
Do I have to bring the items I want signed at my Stage Door Autograph Experience with me?
I haven’t bought any additional premium activities, what will I be able to do at the event?
Will there be anywhere to sit within the convention?
What time does the convention open?
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Musical Con is the UK’s first ever musical theatre fan convention.
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